Skanska – A46 Newark Bypass

ProjectWide Migration

Client: Skanska

Project Industry: Infrastructure and Construction

Third Digital is excited to share our success story regarding the seamless migration to ProjectWise on the A46 Newark Bypass project. Our client, involved in a significant infrastructure project, required a tailored ProjectWise solution to streamline their operations and enhance collaboration among project stakeholders. We partnered closely with the client to ensure their specific needs were met, resulting in a successful and efficient transition.

Challenges Faced

The project posed several challenges, with one of the most critical being the migration of existing data into the new ProjectWise system. The client had accumulated a substantial amount of project data and documents over time, and ensuring a smooth transfer without disrupting ongoing operations was of utmost importance. Additionally, it was essential to maintain data integrity and ensure that all stakeholders had access to the correct information in the new system.

Our Approach


Tailored ProjectWise Implementation

We began by understanding the unique requirements of the A46 Newark Bypass project. Our team worked closely with the client to customize the ProjectWise platform to align with their specific needs. This involved configuring workflows, permissions, metadata, and document templates to optimize collaboration and information management.


Thorough Planning and Coordination

To minimize disruption to the client’s ongoing operations, we meticulously planned the migration process. Detailed timelines, checklists, and communication plans were developed to ensure a smooth transition. Our team collaborated closely with the client’s project team, stakeholders, and IT department to address any concerns and provide necessary training and support.


Data Migration Over a Single Weekend

The key to our success was an innovative and efficient data migration strategy. We designed a meticulous migration plan that allowed us to transfer the existing data seamlessly over a single weekend. By utilizing automated tools and workflows, we minimized the risk of errors or data loss during the migration process. This approach significantly reduced the impact on the client’s daily activities and ensured uninterrupted access to critical project information.


Testing and Quality Assurance

Prior to the migration, we conducted extensive testing and quality assurance checks to guarantee the integrity and accuracy of the transferred data. Our team performed comprehensive data validation and verification processes, addressing any issues promptly to ensure a reliable and error-free transition.

Results and Benefits

The seamless migration to ProjectWise brought about several significant benefits for the A46 Newark Bypass project:


Minimal Disruption

By completing the migration over a single weekend, we minimized downtime and disruption to the client’s operations. This allowed them to continue their work without significant interruptions or delays


Enhanced Collaboration

The customized ProjectWise implementation improved collaboration and information sharing among project stakeholders. Streamlined workflows, permissions, and metadata ensured that the right data was accessible to the right people at the right time, facilitating better decision-making and efficient project management.


Data Integrity and Accuracy

Our rigorous testing and quality assurance processes ensured the integrity and accuracy of the migrated data. Stakeholders could confidently rely on the new system for accurate project information and documentation.



The tailored ProjectWise solution streamlined the client’s processes, eliminating manual and time-consuming tasks. This resulted in improved efficiency and productivity, allowing the project team to focus on core activities and deliver exceptional results.


The successful migration to ProjectWise on the A46 Newark Bypass project showcases Third Digital’s expertise in seamless data migration and tailored implementation. Our ability to understand client needs, meticulous planning, and innovative approaches allowed for a smooth transition with minimal disruption. The client now enjoys enhanced collaboration, improved efficiency, and reliable access to project information. Contact Third Digital today to learn how we can assist you in streamlining your project workflows and achieving exceptional results with ProjectWise.