Euston Enabling Works: Breaking the Mould

Client: HS2 (High-Speed Two) Project: Euston Enabling Works

Project Industry: Euston Enabling Works

Third Digital is proud to present our successful collaboration with HS2 on the Euston Enabling Works project. Through our expertise in BIM Management, we have empowered the project teams to focus on their expert draughtsmanship while eliminating human error. This approach saves valuable time and ensures the smooth and timely delivery of project deliverables. In addition, our expert team of surveyors and modellers has developed BIM Level 2 MEP models, providing a comprehensive understanding of the complex environment at Euston Station and facilitating coordinated design and retrofit work.

Challenges Faced

The Euston Enabling Works project presented several challenges that required a strategic approach.


Repetitive and Menial Tasks

The project teams were burdened with time-consuming and repetitive tasks, taking away their focus from more specialized and critical activities


Human Error and Time Waste

Manual processes often led to human error, resulting in rework and wasting valuable time. Ensuring accuracy and efficiency was crucial to meeting project timelines.


Complex Existing Environment

Understanding and coordinating the complex environment of the existing Euston Station required accurate surveying and modelling to support ongoing design and retrofit work.

Our Approach


BIM Management Strategy

Working directly with our client, we developed a comprehensive strategy for BIM management. Our experts collaborated closely with the project teams to streamline workflows and improve productivity. By leveraging advanced software tools, we optimized the use of BIM and eliminated human error, allowing the teams to focus on their core expertise.


Support and Deliverable Organization

Third Digital provided support and structure to the project teams, ensuring they had the necessary resources and assistance to excel. We organized project deliverables, established clear timelines, and implemented efficient communication channels to ensure seamless collaboration among stakeholders. Our focus was on keeping the teams fully loaded and on schedule, delivering their work on time.


BIM Level 2 MEP Models

Our expert team of surveyors and modellers undertook the development of BIM Level 2 MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) models. These models provided a comprehensive understanding of the complex existing environment at Euston Station. The models facilitated coordination among the supply chain and enabled thorough and complete development of ongoing design and retrofit work. This comprehensive picture of the site enhanced decision-making and reduced conflicts during the project.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of our BIM Management strategy on the HS2 Euston Enabling Works project resulted in significant benefits


Time and Resource Savings

By streamlining workflows and eliminating human error, we saved valuable time for the project teams. This allowed them to focus on expert draughtsmanship and other specialized activities, improving overall productivity and resource allocation.


Enhanced Accuracy and Quality

Through our BIM Management approach, we improved accuracy and reduced the risk of rework and costly mistakes. This led to the delivery of high-quality project deliverables and improved project outcomes.


Seamless Collaboration and Delivery

Our support and deliverable organization ensured seamless collaboration among the project teams and stakeholders. Clear timelines and efficient communication channels facilitated the on-time delivery of project milestones, enhancing overall project efficiency.


Comprehensive Understanding of Existing Environment

The BIM Level 2 MEP models developed by our expert team provided a comprehensive understanding of the complex environment at Euston Station. This enabled coordinated design and retrofit work, minimizing conflicts and enhancing the efficiency of ongoing development.


The successful implementation of BIM Management on the HS2 Euston Enabling Works project demonstrates Third Digital’s expertise in optimizing project workflows and delivering exceptional results. By leveraging BIM and eliminating human error, we have ensured the project teams can focus on their specialized expertise and deliver high-quality work. Contact Third Digital today to discover how our BIM solutions can benefit your projects and drive success.